Colostrum Accelerates Farmskin’s Global Entry

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Farmskin Entering the World Market With Colostrum Skincare Products


Here are many cases where creative ideas and advanced technologies can be combined in the agriculture sector to confirm the possibility of development into the future growth engine.

# Finding the potential from unutilized colostrum

Located in Osong-eup, Heungduk-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungbuk, Farmskin is a company that has developed skincare products using unutilized colostrum.

Colostrum refers to the milk of the mother’s cow that is produced after the calf is born. It shows excellent efficacy not only for the calves but also for humans. It helps to enhance immunity because of its globulin component, but also acts as an antimicrobial agent before the penicillin was found.

In particular, colostrum is known to be effective for inflamed skin, helping to keep the skin firm and flawless.

Farmskin has utilized what was wasted through a contrarian move.

Of course, colostrum, a raw material of farmskin cosmetics, is clean and fresh colostrum of Cheongwon Ranch, which has been certified as an antibiotic and HACCP (safety management certification standard).

“Colostrum contains more than 82 natural active ingredients, which is rich in immune components and has excellent efficacy in nourishing and moisturizing as well as whitening and wrinkle improvement,” CEO Kwak said. “In fact, oversea buyers are also satisfied with the safety and effectiveness of the colostrum ingredient and products.”

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