Farmskin’s Colostrum Listed in Icid

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Farmskin’s Colostrum Listed in International Cosmetics Ingredient Dictionary


Farmskin (CEO Kwak Tae-il), has listed its own ingredient, colostrum processed with the company’s unique technology, in the International Cosmetics Ingredient Dictionary (ICID).

The International Cosmetics Raw Materials Listing (ICID) is a global indicator of the selection of raw materials for cosmetics. The listing is determined through rigorous examination by the International Cosmetics Nominating Committee (INC) of the American Cosmetics Association (PCPC) and can be recognized as a company with global competitiveness.

Farmskin has developed its own colostrum processing technology that can use colostrum as a raw material for cosmetics, which was long known to be good for skin but was hard to process as a cosmetic material. Based on this technology, Farmskin succeeded in utilizing colostrum into products, and introduced nature-friendly functional cosmetics containing clean and fresh colostrum to the market.


“We plan to expand our business to overseas with the ICID listing,” said Kwak Tae-il, CEO of Farmskin. “We will make more efforts to become a colostrum company worldwide,” he said.

Meanwhile, Farmskin has achieved various achievements in the past year, including three Korea Ministers of Agriculture and Forestry, two Korea Ministers of Education, three investment attractions, and patent applications.


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